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In almost all cases, you should avoid writing a traditional opening paragraph.You can plunge readers right into the middle of an experience or have a opening paragraph that’s just one sentence long. Many of my students tuck a concluding sentence into the last main paragraph of their essay, which helps them avoid blah-sounding concluding paragraphs.The test continues to evolve every few years as times change.

Handel, associate vice president of undergraduate admissions for the University of California.

And MIT writing instructor Les Perelman calls it “a completely artificial and unnatural piece of writing.” For what it’s worth, in my own tutoring of the SAT essay section, I also suggest a basic “template” that anyone can generally follow sentence by sentence to SAT essay success.

On their website, The College Board offered their reasoning, saying, “a single essay has not contributed to the overall validity of the assessment.” College admissions officers began to cool to the idea of the impromptu essay relatively immediately, back in 2005.

“As a predictor of student success, a 25-minute essay isn’t going to tell us a great deal,” said Stephen J.

In 1926, a more modern version of the SAT was refined out of an intelligence test given to Army recruits.

And an even more recognizable SAT was established in 1952 when the verbal sections we know and love were formed: reading comprehension, analogies, antonyms and sentence completion questions.

Many feel that the essay section is still a viable way for someone with particular writing ability to shine, and therefore, they are not so swift to let go.

Harvard is still hedging and currently requires either an SAT or ACT essay writing score to be submitted as part of the application process.

MY TIPS: You’re not writing a traditional academic essay. You should definitely make use of contractions, which enhance the flow of your essay.

You don’t need to structure your essay the way you usually do for school essays.


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