A Level Media Coursework 2011

A Level Media Coursework 2011-74
Or, as twentieth-century French film critic André Bazin asked, “?

Or, as twentieth-century French film critic André Bazin asked, “?

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There will be a significant amount of work and travel outside of class meetings. Professor Engelhardt.2019-20: Not offered Other years: Offered in Fall 2009, Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2017, Fall 2018(Offered as GERM 360, ARCH 360, EUST 360 and FAMS 316) What is performance? How can we address a phenomenon that has disappeared the moment we apprehend it?

The course will culminate in contributions to a web-based documentary archive of Pioneer Valley soundscapes. Requisite: MUSI 111, 112, or consent of the instructor. How does memory operate in our critical perception of an event? These are a few of the questions we will explore in this course, as we discuss critical, theoretical, and compositional approaches in a broad range of multidisciplinary performance phenomena emerging from European—primarily German—culture in the twentieth century.

So this is the breakdown: Unit 1 - Reality TV Exam Unit 2 - Coursework Unit 3 - Institutions Exam Unit 4 - Investigation Coursework Upon hearing this January the amount of work required, I decided to consolidate my 100% and stick with the single award - just units 1 and 2 (as I'd rather have an A* than a BC/CD equivalent). How can we promote a film without using proper photos? In the next, it's two 1000 essays on our DVD cover.

However, as we'd wasted time learning institutions, we were left with just the coursework to do, and only 2011 to do it in. In another breath, it's just the basic design of our DVD covers. Again, she's getting us to research Radio 1, the DJs, create a brief that we'd send to Radio 1 about our radio show.

Throughout the course we will examine evolving representations of modernity and pay special attention to how these representations are linked to different constructions of gender, race, sexuality, and nationality. Professor Schroeder Rodríguez.2019-20: Not offered Other years: Offered in Fall 2016, Spring 2019(Offered as MUSI 238 and FAMS 312) This course is about exploring, participating in, and documenting the musical communities and acoustic terrain of the Pioneer Valley.

We will conclude the course with a collective screening of video essays created by students in the course. The first part of the course will focus on local histories and music scenes, ethnographic methods and technologies, and different techniques of representation.The course will include lectures on particular schools of thought and discussions about debates within and between those schools.Students will produce regular reading summaries, textual analyses, and two formal essays. Professor Hastie.2019-20: Not offered Other years: Offered in Spring 2019(Offered as ARHA 221 and FAMS 221) This introductory course is designed for students with no prior experience in video production. We will begin with the literal foundation of the moving image—the frame—before moving through shot and scene construction, lighting, sound-image concepts, and final edit.We ask her these questions, and she says "I'll ask AQA" - and we get nothing back. (Offered as ENGL 180 and FAMS 110) A first course in reading films and writing about them. Through exposure to the great variety of filmmaking and writing about film around the world, from the silent era to the digital revolution, students will receive a comprehensive introduction to the key formal features of film and to the major debates that inform film studies. Omitted 2019-20.2019-20: Not offered Other years: Offered in Fall 2014, Spring 2017(Offered as ENGL 282 and FAMS 215) For better or worse, U. broadcast television is a cultural form that is not commonly associated with knowledge. Professor Guilford.2019-20: Not offered Other years: Offered in Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov claimed that the movie camera is different from, even superior to, human vision and thus allows us to see in new ways.By considering its formal structure, its textual definitions, and the means through which we see it, we will map out how it is that we come to know television. This course provides an introduction to the analysis of modern media forms through a consideration of significant critical and analytical terms, together with a selection of media texts (ranging across print, photography, cinema, television, and digital media) for illustration and discussion.Now, I did my exam last year on Reality TV, getting 100%.My teacher was pushing for me to go for the Double Award, but failed to inform me the amount of work needed for Unit 4. In one breath, she says we have to compare two methods of film promotion.However, she doesn't seem to know what she's doing.Luckily, it's a class of 3, but we still have lost all direction.


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