A Research Paper Is Different From An Essay Because

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It’s not a death knell to your paper, but if you can avoid it, I promise you somebody will be impressed with the quality of your work. just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.’” It makes the point, and can even make for good preaching because it flies by so quickly, but it’s terrible writing. Everybody already knows they’re an author, and it’s silly and redundant and redundant (couldn’t resist) to refer to someone as “Author” anybody. Oh, and if it’s an APA paper, they don’t even want to know the author’s first name. Start your paper with the words, “For this assignment…” First of all, of course it’s an assignment unless you’re a Ph. And you already know this stuff, so why are you still reading this?

There you would simply write something like, “Blanchard and Johnson (1985) refer to three simple management practices anyone can perform.” Never, ever write in a formal paper, “In an article…” Name the author and move on. If you want to send your teacher into muttering hysterics, put this in your paper: “In an article I read in the library…” Yes. Second and more importantly, anything you write should make sense to some degree to a general audience. Most people don’t know what the assignment is and don’t care.

Because I also work in the world of education, I see literally thousands of words every week. Use any of these and they say some things about you that you may not want to be said. Count the stars in the sky if you can, and you’ll see how many papers I have read that start with something like, “Have you ever wondered…” Okay I’m back.

Not only do they communicate, but your choice of words reveals a lot about you – sometimes things you may not want someone to see or think. use the words “you,” “your,” “yourself” or any other member of the “second person” family in formal writing.

For that matter, only in the rarest of occasions (and then only once, please! But you may actually be surprised that they may care about the content of your paper. But I promise if you want to be taken seriously as a student, researcher, or grad-school candidate, you will shoot yourself in the proverbial foot if you use this word. the Seven Words You Can Never Say In an Academic Paper.

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