A Rose For Emily Research Paper

The character of Emily itself represents tradition.

She stays the same over the years, even though the community is experiencing a lot of changes.

The story starts with the death of Emily, and as the story goes back is time and describes Emily’s whole life, death remains a constant element that prevails over every attempt to master it. Through the description made by the narrator on the character of Emily, “” which basically meant she was dead on her feet.

Emily is portrayed in the story as a symbol of the old south, an aristocrat whose uprightness and charm have declined with time, much like the outdated sensibilities that are represented by the Griersons.

In fact, she seems quite oblivious to what is happening outside her sealed perimeters.

The aldermen try to break with the unofficial agreement what was made between Colonel Sartoris and Emily, but as it appears she has no knowledge that Colonel’s been dead for years.The story is set in a time where the society is going through a transition, and while the entire town is embracing the modern, the high-born girl Emily seems to hold on to the tradition.“” is a story that depicts the struggle the protagonist faces as she tries to maintain tradition in the face of widespread radical change.You can refer to the following examples where the “power of death” and the “symbols” used in the story are critically analyzed.From the very beginning, death has been depicted as a major element in the story.Emily, who was born in the elite Grierson family, is portrayed as the last remnant of the aristocracy in Jefferson.Even though the place and its people are quite unique in their own way, it projects an outlook of any American county during that era.In this story, the past has been portrayed as not as a faint glimmer, but as an ever-present realm, at least for Emily.Her macabre bridal chamber is introduced in the story in a well-constructed setting where Emily had tried to stop time and prevent change, even if it is done by ending a human life.It means your essay must have an impressive introduction, insightful body content and a compelling conclusion.Besides, you also need to include a thesis statement in the essay that will project the main idea of your argument.


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