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“Although Filipino Americans are the second largest Asian American ethnic group, Filipino Americans’ experience and stories remain at the margins.

Austin received the award Saturday at the AERA annual meeting, being held in Toronto, Canada. Prior to joining AIR, she helped manage a large research study on school choice in Indiana and has authored several journal articles and book chapters on the study findings.

Austin, a researcher at the American Institutes for Research (AIR), is the recipient of the 2019 Dissertation Award from Division L of the American Educational Research Association(AERA). She also leads research and evaluation efforts related to school choice at AIR and contributes content and methodological expertise to two IES-funded meta-analysis studies.

“I’m honored to have won this award in a SIG that has felt like home while at AERA,” says Valdez, who co-founded the People’s Education Movement with Cariaga. She modeled teacher activism for me growing up when she organized parents at her school around language waivers when Prop 227 dismantled bilingual education in California.

I have continued her work around educational activism and hope that my daughter Naiara will continue our family [tradition of] activism around issues she is passionate about.” Valdez, who taught at the elementary level in LAUSD for eight years, has been involved in a number of community organizations such as the Association of Chicana Activists, Los Angeles Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant, Association of Filipinas Fighting Imperialism, Refeudalization and Marginalization, the Graduate Student Association of Education at UCLA, and the Teacher Activist Group National.

Last year, she served as part of the leadership for the Critical Educators for Social Justice AERA SIG.

Her research focuses on grassroots teacher organizing and ethnic studies for elementary level students. Launch Skype manually and connect to george.f.johnson. Recognition of 2016 Workshop Mentors and Volunteers. If you have Skype installed, then click this link: Click here to call IAP via Skype! The Skype add-ons for IE and Firefox should already be installed, but if the link does not work then your browser in not corrected properly.He says that such work is especially pertinent in the context of nationwide movement to implement Ethnic Studies as a requirement in K-12 schools.“Ethnic Studies has been incredibly transformative in my life,” says Curammeng, who previously taught through [email protected] Educational Partnerships, an Ethnic Studies teacher pipeline in the San Francisco Bay Area.They will be honored for their respective projects in their communities, research on students of color, and their dissertations by AERA’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs).Valdez, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education at CSU Fullerton, will be recognized with the 2019 Scholar-Activist & Community Advocacy Award from the Critical Educators for Social Justice SIG. Recognition of 2017 Workshop Mentors and Volunteers. Redefining the Federal Role in Public Education: The first quarter of the Trump “Insurgent” Presidency - Ken Wong. Responding to a Paucity of Educational Policy and Leadership Research on Human Trafficking, Melinda Lemke. Graduate Student Policy Brief: Federal Policy to Promote Teacher Equity: An Examination of State Plans. Her research also explores ways to nurture a sustainable teaching practice through radical self/collective care.Her dissertation is one of the first qualitative studies of trauma-informed pedagogy in action at the high school level, and of trauma-informed pedagogy that utilizes English language arts, paving the way for further studies across grade levels and other subject matter.


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