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In proposel essay you have to write your side between two points. Because I write all these argumentative or proposal or opinion essays in one format only.I introduce my clear opinion in the introduction while my body paragraphs support on both views ..There are 3 ways on how to give the EXTENT of your opinion:a. When you gave two main ideas for agree, there should also be two main ideas for disagree, not just one or three. So yes it is ok but it really would depend on the way you are structuring your essay and there are usually a few ways you can do it.

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Personally, if someone wants a higher score, say band 7 and above and they have better writing skills I will advise to discuss both sides just because it will look like a more sophisticated answer and so could potentially make a better impression on the examiner for things such as Task Response.

You can of course 100% agree or disagree with one side and still consider the other side i.e.

present someone else's views that are not the same as yours.

But as I say, there is nothing in the marking that actually says you must look at both sides, so you don't have to.

I'd really recommend you look through the model essays. Many people from different countries are coming to our world to see our historical events. Tourist are visiting our country to see the different tourist places by doing this our economy is increasing.

by Stavros In an essay about "If mothers have to get salary from government" It was an 'agree/disagree' question. But I approached the theme as partially agreeing from both sides. to my knowledge, you can convert agree/disagree into discuss both view but make sure that you have a clear thesis.The question was: People argue that team sports should be a part of the school timetable for children rather than individual sports such as swimming or running. I wrote that I don’t think any of them should be disregarded as they both have many benefits for students.Would that make me lose band scores because I didn't fully agree or disagree with a certain aspect?That question types r agree or disagree, to what extent agree or disagree, to what extent u agree with, discuss both views and give your opinion Is my format correct of do I have to change ??I'd say it's unlikely you can answer all opinion essays using one essay format but it's really difficult to judge what you may be doing specifically without seeing some examples of your answers to the essay questions.Yep, of course there is a difference between 'Do you agree or disagree' and 'to what extent do u agree or disagree'. First one is called Argumentation and second one is Proposal and last one is Discussion essay.So argumentation essay is based on arguments and facts which should be based on your points and sides so you must prove your claim with some degree so it means you must stay on your point to some extent! So you have to write degree such as 'I partially agree/disagree' and 'i totally agree' and etc.In this case my suggested thesis could be "I believe it is better for mother to receive financial support from both sides". Hi Shaon, If you read them exactly as they are, you could say that.But I would not worry about the difference too much and approach them in the same way - agreeing, disagreeing, or partly agreeing/disagreeing and examining both sides.In theory you could support both sides in an 'agree / disagree' type essay but you would have to make it clear in your introduction when you give your opinion that rather than falling on one side you can see the merits of both.As I say, it's really difficult to know exactly what you are doing in your essays without seeing some examples.


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