Alders Lake Sessay

Alders Lake Sessay-49
If you wish to bring a car along with your motorhome/campervan please select the extra.

A top kit plus one section to the right can be a very good place to fish when the hungry specimens are really having it, although so far this year they've rarely come close enough to catch here yet!

You'll find three to four feet of water both tight up to the reeds to your left, and a couple of feet out on your right. The pegs then slope down to four to six feet deep and are pretty much flat until sloping up again at 12m to the central bar at 13m and it's typically three to four feet deep from there to your half-way limit (I'd guess about 22m).

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Pitches are set in a four-acre field with easy access to the fishing lakes.

A toilet block with separate ladies', gents' and disabled-friendly facilities is next to the field, along with a screened chemical disposal point; the site also has a free hot shower.

Site guests can buy reduced fishing day tickets at the side of the lake on the day they're angling to get started.

The Oaks doesn't have fishing equipment for hire, but if you want to add to your kit, a fully-stocked on site tackle shop is there to cater to your needs – next door to a café serving hot and cold food.


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