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People put their lives on the line to create laws that would not only benefit them but also affect the lives of generations to come.There are many liberties that I have that would not exist if people before me did not work hard to create, fight and defend them.

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Students like myself need to be introduced to politics and government policies so that we can be aware of what is happening in our world and how we can make a difference.

Another benefit of learning about our government and our country is that we may realize that we would like to pursue a career in politics and government.

Their sacrifices made it possible for me to have the freedoms and liberties that I enjoy today. 9 will focus on Closter schools and the regional high school and offer residents a chance to voice opinions on schools as well as future development—including the Village […] OLD TAPPAN, N.

If learning about these liberties will enable me to be able to guard and defend them, it is a small price to pay to ensure that the legacies of those who came before us live on for generations to come. J.—Old Tappan Boy Scout Troop 132 Eagle Scout candidate Brendan Carey has completed his Eagle Project at Marydell Faith and Life Center in Nyack, N.

Learning about America’s past can enlighten me on how things used to be and how they changed.

No matter what my future career goals are, a well rounded education must include a knowledge of the government of the country in which I live.His most recent honor and accomplishment came when he and eight other […] MONTVALE, N.J.—After not finding evidence of wampum-making at a former Park Ridge wampum factory site earlier this summer, in mid-August a team of archeologists from Harvard and Montclair State universities finally found the “smoking gun” […] TOWNSHIP OF WASHINGTON, N.J.—The attorney for Concerned Neighbors of Washington Township Inc.says a hypothetical threat of a new builder’s remedy lawsuit in the Viviano subdivision project would be hollow and frivolous.Dot Bozzone of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 153 said 402 entries were received in this year’s “Americanism” essay contest.Here, she shares a moment with Our Lady of Mercy Academy graduate Mariel Persico, who parlayed her 7th-8th grade division win into an additional first-place division win at the county level. By JOHN SNYDER STAFF WRITER PARK RIDGE—Congratulations to the many area students who entered this year’s American Legion Auxiliary’s Americanism Essay Contest, particularly those students who took first-place and honorable mention awards for their efforts.Space does not permit us to reprint all the local essays thoughtfully written and proudly submitted, but we are pleased to bring you Mariel Persico’s: * * * I believe learning about my country’s government and learning about my country as a whole is an essential part of my and my classmates’ education.It is important to understand how our government operates in order to recognize how the government can impact my life and my future.I need to be aware of what rights I am entitled to in order to know what I am fighting for.I need to know what is right and wrong so I know how to protect the people and their rights.


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