An Inspector Calls Essay Questions

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Here are some good topic ideas you can use in writing an essay on this rich and fascinating play.

[tags: An Inspector Calls, Literary Analysis] - Do you think all inspectors are the same. B Priestley’s play, an inspector calls you will be shocked at how much an author can make an inspector different and original. At first they deny any knowledge of the girl, but as the play goes on the Inspector manages to show that they all helped kill her.

This play was an eye opener to many, many people from all classes teaching them a very good meaning towards a better world.. Mr Birling had her dismissed from his factory for demanding a small increase in wages; Sheila ordered her to be dismissed from her job in a shop simply because of her pride; Gerald Croft kept her as his mistress before leaving h...

The play is set at the turn of the century and is centered on a wealthy family who are successful and prosperous at a time of poverty for many. It turns out they are all, in some way, involved in her death....

They are oblivious to this, and given the fact that the play was written many years later the play contains much irony about the future, but not only does it make it question our history but also our future.... B Priestley, ] - The play “An Inspector Calls” makes us realize that the philosophy “no man is an island” (John Donne) is a lesson that we should learn. [tags: An Inspector Calls] - Inspector Goole is the prominent character in the play.


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