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The ultimate goal is to use these chips to create a whole ‘human-on-a-chip’.

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An innovative technique called microdosing can also be used in volunteers to measure how very small doses of potential new drugs behave in the human body.

These microdoses are radio-labelled, injected into human volunteers and measured (usually in blood samples) using a very sensitive measuring device called an accelerator mass spectrometer.

Thankfully, the development of alternative methods is growing.

Due to innovations in science, animal tests are being replaced in areas such as toxicity testing, neuroscience and drug development. The reasons why animal testing persists are often not scientific.

So far, cells from four different organs have been linked together on one chip to mimic the human body. Reconstituted human skin models can be used to replace the notorious Draize skin irritation tests in rabbits and have proven to be more effective at predicting human reactions. Scientists have even managed to coax cells to grow into 3D structures, such as miniature human organs, which can provide a more realistic way to test new therapies.

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Human cells have been used to create innovative little devices called ‘organs-on-chips’.I think we should think of solutions like tissues to test on.I just don’t think it is fair to say “let’s just take an animal to test on” because to me animals matter as much as (or even more..) humans.Less high-tech studies for nutrition, drug addiction and pain can also be carried out on consenting humans in the interest of advancing medical science. The science relating to animal experiments can be extremely complicated and views often differ.What appears on this website represents Cruelty Free International expert opinion, based on a thorough assessment of the evidence.In this essay I will first show the pro’s and after these will follow the con’s of animal testing.After I have done this I will again give my opinion on the subject.Instead it can be due to conservatism within the scientific establishment – it is easier and more comfortable to simply do what has always been done.Test results on animals can be easily compared to earlier tests on animals to give confidence to scientists.Brain imaging machines that can ‘see’ inside the brain can be used to monitor the progression and treatment of brain disease.They can help researchers understand the causes by comparing with healthy volunteers.


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