Ap Bio Darwin Essay

Variations in a species' genetics that lead to evolution often come from mutations.

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Well fossils are prime examples as some of the pieces of evidence that Darwin looked at when he was assembling his theory.

He went around the world on a ship and he saw fossils of creatures that obviously were not alive today and he started realizing hey these species are gone but they show great resemblance resemblance to some of our modern species.

This is often confused as survival of the strongest, it's not based on how strong you are it's how reproductively fit you are.

What's your chance of having your children live long enough for them to reproduce as well?

I'm in a room right now with lots of lights and if some of them explode and kill me that wasn't because of my incredible wit or intelligence or my Tom Cruise like looks, it's because I happen to be around a bunch of lights.

And that would have removed my genes from the population, whereas if we're talking about a larger group rather than just the individuals in this room.

For example if you think back to England during the time of the crusades who was the strongest individuals?

The knights sitting there in their armor, mighty muscles.

And he realized that if you give this enough time and when I say enough time that's at the geological scale so this is centuries, thousands of years, millions of years.

If enough changes occur over time a long time this can create new species from pre existing species.


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