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Once you’ve mastered these basics, you can take risks and sprinkle more creativity throughout your essays. It also provides readers with any necessary background information or context.A simple format for your introduction is: For instance, a thesis statement might say: Students should read more literature because it improves vocabulary, reading comprehension, and empathy.When you introduce a piece of evidence, follow it up with a sentence analyzing the evidence in your own words.

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Instead of merely quoting evidence, you must also explain your thought process.

As a result, an effective body paragraph can follow this formula: The final sentence of the body paragraph should remind readers of the paragraph’s main point and connect it to the next paragraph.

This essay is related to our tragedy unit since all the tragedies feature controversial characters/decisions.

For the expository essay, I want you to write on an authority figure like Creon, that is, a politician/king/leader/parental (patriarchal) figure who made a controversial decision.

Once you become comfortable following this formula, you may wish to vary it or infuse it with your own style.

Just make sure that all the essential pieces are present in your essay.For now, research a couple topic possibilities, and post your ideas to share with the class i.e. Post your topic ideas no later than Sunday, September 7, P. an expository essay, and how do you write a good one?Make sure that your evidence is from credible sources and clearly supports your thesis statement.After finding your supporting evidence, you’ll organize it into body paragraphs, typically three of them.These may include newspaper articles, primary sources, photos, or even audio recordings.Strong evidence may include research findings, quotes from experts, and statistics.Each body paragraph should focus on one general idea.In addition, each of these general ideas should be logically connected to your thesis statement.Transitions are important because they help readers follow your train of thought without confusion. Transition words and phrases include: Remember that the conclusion is your last chance to make an impression on the reader. Try to end with a strong and/or memorable final sentence.In total, an expository essay includes these pieces: If you include each of these pieces, you’ll have a clear, logical, and effective expository essay.


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