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Take a look at your local paper and you’ll notice the author of each story is usually listed. However, many people, both freelancers and clients use the phrase AP Style as a way to describe a more formal writing style. For example, this article is not written in AP Style. But, AP Style is so much more than just formalization.

For local stories or coverage that was actually researched and written by the newspaper’s staff you will see a name and maybe a location. There is an entire book called “The Associated Press Stylebook” that contains all manner of writing rules regarding terminology, phrasing, and punctuation.

Despite being created by and for journalists, its usage has grown to include corporations, public relations firms, marketing, magazine publishing, and others.

Although many newspapers and magazines do have their own style preferences, it’s generally expected that if you’re considering pursuing a career in journalism, that you have a strong familiarity with and are adept at using AP style guidelines.For example, AP Style requires the use of a space between web and site for the term (also for e-commerce, e-book, and e-business). If so, is there such a thing as congresswomen if you are speaking about multiple female members of Congress?Don’t worry, AP Style won’t make you write i-Phone because i Phone is a brand name. And, by the way, when should Congress itself be capitalized? The point is, that these aren’t the kinds of things you learned in English classes even if you went to graduate school.Still, the AP Stylebook is a great resource for the professional writer. It Basically, the AP Stylebook is a reference for any writer who comes across those little nuances that just don’t seem to have solid answers grounded in even advanced grammatical knowledge. In fact, for every other person in the world except a professional writer, these are the kinds of things that no one cares about. There are a million issues that come up in writing every day that you may have never been considered before. Everyone knows what NASA is, so do you have to spell it out the first time you use it? It has buildings and employees and computers and sells products to produce a profit.The AP’s main product is news feeds or wire stories which are reprinted in newspapers all over the country.The stories that say either AP or Associated Press were not actually written by anyone at the newspaper. Many otherwise knowledgeable professionals ask for AP Style to be used in writing for publication on non-news websites.Ironically, AP Style requires the use of spelling and punctuation that is opposite of what most websites want both for SEO purposes, and for what their readers want.There’s also a website, as well as an app for easy reference.Even with the manual, app, and all the tip sheets that are online, formatting can be incredibly time consuming — especially if it’s your first time formatting a large document in a style that doesn’t come naturally to you. Our editors have years of experience editing and formatting professional and academic papers, including formatting in AP style.


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