Ap Us History Unit 1 Essay Questions

Ap Us History Unit 1 Essay Questions-77
Because of the Circular Letters and groups such as the Committees of Correspondence information and ideas were traveling very quickly through the colonies, both educating them and unifying them against the British.Across the colonies newspapers were printing rhetoric rallying for colonies to unify against their oppressors.

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The AP exam does not like to make grand, overarching statements.

Check the time period of the question and match it up with the remaining answer choices.

Except for the llama, alpaca, dog, a few fowl, and guinea pig, the New World had no equivalents to the domesticated animals associated with the Old World, nor did it have the pathogens associated with the Old World’s dense populations of humans and such associated creatures as chickens, cattle, black rats, and Aedes egypti mosquitoes.

Among these germs were those that carried smallpox, measles, chickenpox, influenza, malaria, and yellow fever.”Diseases of the Europeans decimated indigenous populations in the Americas.

In the Pennsylvania Gazette, the popular “Join or Die” image of the severed snake was published in 1754 (A).

Publications such as these shows that the unification idea had spread beyond just Massachusetts and New England colonies.

Each set of questions is based on a different piece of source material. The three questions in this section will be tied to a primary source, historical argument, data or maps, or general propositions of U. You are not required to develop and support a thesis statement, but you must describe examples of historical evidence relevant to the source or question.

This section will test your ability to analyze and engage with the source materials while recalling what you already know about U. The DBQ question requires you to answer a question based on six or seven primary source documents and your knowledge of the subject and time period.

The horse also revolutionized warfare, especially among the Plains peoples of the Southwest.

S History exam, also known as APUSH, is a college-level exam administered every year in May upon the completion of an Advanced Placement U. There are two parts (Part A and Part B) to each section.


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