Apartheid In South Africa Essay

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As unrest spread and became more effective and militarized, state organisations responded with repression and violence.

This, along with the sanctions placed on South Africa by the West made it increasingly difficult for the government to maintain the regime.

It is here that I’m really shocked at the similarities America and South Africa share.

I’m sure there are many papers dedicated to this comparison but I couldn’t help but think of some of my own.

There are four races in this country; White, Black, Indian, and Colored.

For all the Americans out there, that last one probably stands out.Asians from China, and South East Asia came here for similar reasons and unlike America, where they deported Chinese railroad workers after their service was done, these populations stayed.South Africa may be the only third world country with this much racial diversity.The Apartheid museum is not dedicated to Nelson Mandela but rather to the entire period of Apartheid, its history, how people lived, and the significant events of the times.But before I talk about the museum, it may be good to shed some history on South Africa from my perspective.Eventually, in the 1980s, talks from the ruling majority were in place to end Apartheid culminating in the first multi-racial elections of 1994, that Mandela won and it was here that Apartheid was finally abolished. In fact, the diversity of races here rivals that of America and its first world counterparts to my huge surprise.Most people that have not lived in South Africa will likely only think there is white and black here. There is a large Indian population here that were brought here hundreds of years ago into indentured servitude.Apartheid sparked significant internal resistance and violence as well as a long arms and trade embargo against South Africa.Since the 1950s, a series of popular uprisings and protests were met with the banning of opposition and imprisoning of anti-apartheid leaders.It was at this time that racial segregation was naturally practiced throughout the country.In 1948, Apartheid became an official government policy firmly instilled in the country’s constitution.


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