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Here are some job ideas to get you started: Fruit picking has to be a frontrunner for the ultimate casual travel job.

You don’t necessarily need experience, but should be physically fit enough to work on your feet, or bent into awkward positions, for hours on end.

The same goes for tourism; you’d think that locals would be best suited for tourism jobs, but it turns out that tourists themselves can do a pretty good job too. Odd jobs at hostels are a popular source of income for backpackers. Be the entertainment master, rounding up groups for hostel events? You know, the people who stand up with the STOP/GO sign, controlling the flow of traffic at a construction site.

For example, my partner worked as a pub crawl guide in Vienna, taking groups of backpackers for nights on the town. These jobs tend to be associated with road work projects, so some can be conveniently short term.

These usually aren’t the kind of jobs that build a career, but they open up new avenues for life experience. Before you start your short-term job search, there are some things to bear in mind: You may have to do work you wouldn’t otherwise have done, so be open to it. I used to keep mine in an internal zipped pocket against the frame of my bag, the flattest space available. If not, think very, very hard about whether or not you should be looking for work. Big cities in particular will usually have recruitment agencies, or temp agencies, who need skilled candidates to fill short term positions (like administrative work, creative work, freelancing gigs, etc.).

If you’re picky about the type of job you want, you may find yourself unemployed. Will the job pay you enough to do what you want to do next? Not all prospective employers will ask to see a resume; in fact, most probably won’t. Getting caught working without a valid work visa can lead to deportation and fines. Think about your unique skills and how they might apply to short term jobs. Register with as many as you can and let them know that you’re looking for work to start ASAP.Besides staying at hostels, cooking my own food, and opting for the cheapest form of transportation, there was one trick to making my long term travel sustainable: short term jobs."Short term" is a relative phrase, so for the purposes of this article we’ll define it as a job that lasts for up to three months. Curious about what it would be like to live somewhere? When the local carnival came to town in Australia, I went from stall to stall asking about possible work; eventually I was directed to a man who offered me a six-week stint at the Looney Hoops booth. Hostels are a great place to do this, and many will have a bulletin board with job listings in the lobby.These jobs are ideal for people on a gap year, because they allow you to hunker down for long enough to save up a wad of cash, then continue on your travels. Find a casual position that allows you to extend your stay. Keep them in a slim folder that fits in your backpack, so you’re always ready to produce one if needed. You may even be able to pick up work at the hostel, or they may know of someone who’s looking for temporary workers. I had a friend who stepped into my contract position at a university in London; I was leaving, she was arriving, the transition was seamless, and everybody had a win.However, there may be opportunities for childcare or au pair work that only last for a couple of weeks or months.This is best for those who have established experience working with kids and strong references in the field. Don’t be afraid to tweet at businesses that interest you, or follow them on Facebook. Use social media to your advantage by connecting with people on Twitter who are in your city.In three minutes, I’d agreed to help run bungee trampolines at the local shopping center; the trampoline guy spent 2-3 weeks in each location, moving from shopping mall to shopping mall. So have a look for traveling kiosks or even visiting entertainment like Santa Claus. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook what’s right in front of you, like hospitality work. Often these will be in exchange for free accommodation, but if you’re lucky, there’s cash in it too.Bar and restaurants have a famously high turnover, and frequently need staff. Even if your hostel isn’t looking for staff, they may know of another one who does. I’ve known people who did a one day course that gave them the necessary certification to do traffic control.A caveat -- they can be highly desirable and hard to get.Use a blue collar recruitment firm to help you find a job.


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