Bernoulli Brothers Essay

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He traveled throughout Europe from 1676 to 1682, learning about the latest discoveries in mathematics and the sciences under leading figures of the time.

However, his most important contribution was in the field of probability, where he derived the first version of the law of large numbers in his work Ars Conjectandi.During this time he also produced an incorrect theory of comets.In 1682, Jacob started working on infinite series, but before he could progress much he returned to Switzerland.However, he kept in touch with the academics he met during his travel throughout his life.Along with teaching, he started working on various mathematical problems, especially differential calculus as presented by Leibniz.Over the course of three generations, it produced eight highly acclaimed mathematicians who contributed significantly to the foundation of applied mathematics and physics.Jacob’s father, Nicolaus Bernoulli, was an important member of the town council and also a magistrate.They had two children; a son called Nicolaus (named after his grandfather) and a daughter (name not known).Although two of his nephews later became reputed mathematicians, none of his own children followed in his footsteps.This was also the period when he produced his theory on comets but it later turned out to be incorrect.He also studied Isaac Barrow and John Wallis, leading to his interest in infinitesimal geometry.


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