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This meant being an entire editorial, production, and marketing team all in one person.

I really pushed myself to take on a variety of work — journalism, illustration, typography, publication design, photography, social media, installation design, marketing. By the time she was ready to publish, Margot had surveyed nearly 100 women and photographed and interviewed 50 more. They were both extraordinary and everyday, and, in some cases, unexpected.

“I was surprised by women who felt they couldn't talk freely, even with their closest female friends, about topics central to the female experience, like sex, politics, mental health,” Margot says.

“Even the women I felt I knew best revealed things about themselves that went deep beneath the surface, and may not have come out without that feeling of empathy.” With research, design, and production all done, it was then time to put it out there for public digestion, to expose it to the public and the public to it, to the ideas. “Having their name on the wall, seeing their work in a professional light, in a professional setting.” Many, if not all of the students, will be walking away from tonight with an impressive (and important) addition to their professional portfolio, which will serve them well in the coming months as they start their careers or continue their studies into graduate programs.

Below are some screenshots of the favicon uploader, header image uploader, custom file editor, and the manage options panel.

These option panels still have great functionality, but as their name implies what they do, I will not explain them.

I struggled to understand why women — with their power, strength, compassion, creativity, and joy — couldn’t seem to find common ground.” As she entered production, she decided that ’s ultimate goal should be to bridge that common ground by cultivating empathy.

There isn’t just one story that can represent us all and do our diversity justice.

The nav menu section will allow you to set the colors of your nav menu, including the hover colors.

There are some other good options in there as well, such as site-wide javascript libraries which will add in scripts such as j Query (which is pretty much standard in all websites I do now).


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