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“The high and low phases of the illness are often so extreme that they interfere with everyday life” (NHS 2009).In bipolar disorder, the depression phase often comes first.

But, sometimes some people have extreme mood swings that can’t be managed by monitoring alone.

There may be a need for antidepressants, antipsychotic medication, drug lithium, which seem to stabilise mood swings.

Although there’s no cure for bipolar disorder, many people find that an understanding of their illness and what triggers episodes can help them live a relatively normal life Macnair 2008).

Patients could monitor their moods and thoughts and ask someone they trust to help them cope with the disorder.

High level of lithium in blood can be poisonous while too little will have no effect.

Sociology Term Paper - Bipolar Disorder Essay

So, its important to be seen regularly by the mental health team and have the blood levels checked (Smith et al., 2009).Bipolar disorder was previously known as manic depression as it causes moods to shift between mania and depression.It may also be classified as a biological brain disorder causing severe fluctuations in mood, energy, thinking and behaviour.He kept enthusing about his designs being imaginative and original.At the workplace, clients and colleagues would complain about John’s unprofessional behaviour suggesting a lack of understanding on the part of his workplace.This is the time when you may also have symptoms of psychosis.During this phase you may feel very happy and have lots of ambitions, plans and ideas.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.This disorder results in frequent anxiety and low frustration level in the young people (CABF 2007).Depression, in this situation, means a situation where you feel very low while mania would refer to a situation where you feel very high (NHS 2009).


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