Book Book Report 3rd Grade

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Join Cucumber bunny as he’s forced onto a quest to save the Dreamside kingdoms from the Nightmare Knight, even though all he wants to do is leave the adventuring to his sword-wielding sister Almond and go to magic school.

The zombie apocalypse has happened and as usual the adults are useless, so it’s up to a group of kids to rescue their friend June.

Wildly popular Telgemeier is always a hit with kids.

Nickelodeon’s fantastic cartoon series serves as the jumping off point for these comic which continue the adventures of Aang and Co. Kids who love Aang and Korra will gobble these books up!

Whimsical Phoebe and her snarky unicorn bff, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils make everyday experiences charming and silly in a clean and colorful art-style.

Similar to , but with a longer story arc and deeper exploration of the characters.Stately Academy is rife with mysteries and coding puzzles with Hopper and Eni finding sidewalk cleaning robots and bully-neutralizing inventions.Readers will learn the basics of coding through thoughtful illustrations and bright art.Pham’s art is beautiful as ever and parents may want a hankie while reading.Your graphic novel reader will be charmed by self-assured Zita, who accidentally transports herself and her diffident best friend Joseph to a planet in turmoil.They are sweet and silly and affirming, with a twist that delights adults as well as children. What do you get when you combine a princess and a superhero?The Princess in Black, a superhero working hard to save the goats from the monsters who want to eat them AND to keep her alter-ego, Princess Marigold, meeting all the social conventions a princess is expected to meet! She loves hot buttered toast and finds herself in silly situations. Mermaid best friends Shelly, Echo, Kiki, and Pearl take the familiar friendship stories of elementary school readers undersea.Mercy Watson is a pig who lives with her doting owners, Mr. The friends learn social skills like inclusion and how to get along with friends and siblings, which is just want young elementary kids love to read about.Also everyone is a mermaid, so the fish puns will catch you!Adapted from the popular Wings of Fire fantasy series, the five dragonets of have been hidden underground for their whole lives and emerge to find their world overrun with violence and treachery. Ever popular with kids who have a taste for things that are slightly dark and creepy, this graphic novel series follows siblings Emily and Navin as they set out to rescue their mom from a world below the ground filled with freaky monsters and strange allies.If you are looking for a book with Calvin and Hobbs vibes, look no further!


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