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I wouldn’t say that after that it is necessarily easy, but I would say if you keep going forward you won’t want to look back!

I am greatly influenced by the novel – The Alchemist.

However, she overcame all these obstacles through tenacity and creativity and achieved her goal.

It was precisely because she was apparently so unsuited to the endeavour that I found it really inspirational to read. It won’t be easy, but it isn’t necessarily impossible either’. Because it gave me a nudge to do something I’d been wanting to do for a very long time. The story inspired me, but also the confidence that my friend had in me that I could do it too helped me to eventually take the decision to go off exploring the world.

That is some 1700 miles of Australian outback, from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean.

What I found remarkable about the tale, is that the woman who does this is herself not that well equipped.The story are formed in the same structure regardless to it is a book or a movie.Even though there are similarities; reading books and watching movies give details through different ways.The readers can have different feedbacks to the story, but the audiences can only agree with the movies; therefore, reading books and watching movies make the readers or audiences response differently.Watching movies can save a lot of time, but reading books could take a long time depending on the speed of reading.She makes lots of mistakes, things go wrong, she loses confidence at times, and it is by no means easy.At the start of the journey she’d never met a camel, let alone knew about how to work with them!Sometimes you read tales of adventurers and the people who do great thing seem to be super-human, incredibly resourceful, strong or wealthy and you end up thinking ‘that’s amazing, but I could never do that’. Perhaps not anything quite so remarkable as crossing a desert on my own apart from a few camels, but my own adventures nevertheless.Since then I’ve found out for myself that it is indeed true, the hardest bit about any adventure is making the decision to take the first step.The book is called ‘Tracks’, and it is by an Australian woman called Robyn Davidson.It’s quite old now, I think it was written in about 1980, but it has recently been made into a film, so perhaps you will have heard of it.


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