Budget For A Research Proposal

Budgeting & Justifications Below are the categories that are traditionally requested to be addressed and justified.

While always recommended, some sponsors do not require the detail in the budget or even provision of the justification.

Sponsors have a vested interest in making sure results are distributed and normally welcome this budget line.

Costs may include printing, illustrations, and other journal costs.

Provide the name, title, amount of time on the project, institutional base salary (not necessarily full-time rate) and the amount of support requested.

In addition, include a narrative on what each person will do on the project and tie to the specific aims presented.Most often a proposal involves a request for financial support to cover the cost of the project, the purchase of equipment or the payment for services rendered to an outside agency.For the definition of sponsored activities, see Chapter 1, Section 1 or visit the Definition of Sponsored Activities website.To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected] Office of Sponsored Programs Administration website provides a comprehensive overview of the Proposal Preparation and Submission process.Travel: Detail on each trip, the destination, purpose, and expense, should be incorporated, including transportation, lodging, and per diem.Some sponsors request explicit explanation if there is foreign travel.Subcontract Costs: Subcontracts are typically established when funds awarded to the University will be paid to an organization outside of the University for work performed on the project.Facility & Administrative Costs (F&A or Indirect Costs): Overhead must be requested at the institutionally established rate based on the type of activity being proposed.Occasionally, sponsors also want extreme detail (e.g., miles driven * rate per mile).Be aware, scrutiny of the mathematical validity will be applied in the review process.


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