Business Event Planning

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When the objective is one and very specific, the whole event has to point in one direction. All the event decisions need to be aligned to support the achievement of that objective.

That becomes extremely difficult when the events happen on a regular basis.

Seriously, how can you get advice on planning events for the most demanding audiences out there? Yet the world is not perfect and attendees, especially corporate event attendees, get bored very easily.

So, I got my team together to think how can we help you running successful corporate events. Sometimes you just want that unexpected twist that makes attendees go wow. Then, we created an advanced corporate event planning checklist. Ok, but before we start, let’s make things clear and look at what we mean by corporate planning, what it means to plan corporate events and the different aspects you should consider when planning corporate events as opposed to regular events.

This is more common of smaller-to-medium-sized companies.

In larger organizations, corporate event planners are often individuals or dedicated teams within the company that have their own department and run both internal and external events.Here’s what you need to know about how planning corporate events differs from other event gigs.This handy table below gives a quick comparison of a corporate event planning and general event planning role.Allowing comfortable and interesting seating gets people talking and sitting long-term to form meaningful relationships.This is a cool outdoor lounge that is upsized and used as a feature piece but yours can be intimate and less outlandish.Corporate event planners are in charge of: In addition to these recurring events, you may have special business anniversary celebrations, holiday parties, or milestones that you will plan.In January 2018 we conducted one of the largest pieces of event planning research ever completed. We asked specific questions that pertain to event budgets. If you would like a copy of this research for publishing you can request it here: State of the Event Industry Research 2018. How do you communicate with attendees or find them in the first place? These are just a few of the major differences between corporate events and other types of events.Touching on meeting design, décor, styling and corporate tech, you name it, we’ve got it.Even if the meetings are interdepartmental and you all know each other, icebreakers are a good idea.We give you some inspiring ideas and examples of how to integrate play and networking into your event to foster relationships as well as marketing and branding ideas to get your name out there.We also look at incentives to sweeten the deal for sponsors, plus giveaway and swag options that specifically suit corporate events.


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