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If you want to say goodbye to corporate America and embark on a journey to entrepreneurship, we can help. Only by putting together a business plan can you decide whether you should proceed with your idea or look for a new one.From coming up with the perfect business idea to creating your business and marketing plans, follow this two-week action plan to start a new venture. Glean some inspiration and guidelines from resources below: Learn More• Check out's Business Plan How-To Guide.• Download or print the free business plan guide from the U. Small Business Administration.• You'll find dozens of real business plans in our Sample Business Plan list.

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Hang Out Your Shingle and Sell You gain an advantage by building your business on paper first.

Tomorrow -- Day 5: Identify Sources of Startup Financing.

Vision: Within the next seven years, grow UWDC from a part-time hobby venture into a $1 million national consulting firm specializing in usable web design for content providers, educational institutions, and corporations. Over the next five years, Internet traffic is projected to double every six months (source: Dr. Usability middleman are needed to bridge the "gap" between "content" and "code" specialists to deliver high quality content to consumers in the quickest, easiest, and most need-sensitive manner possible.

Lewis is a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment advisor in Texas.

In fact, it’s possible to write your initial business plan in less than an hour.

After all, you’re always thinking about your business and the strategies you’re going to use to grow, so getting those ideas down on paper shouldn’t be hard—it can even be an enjoyable plan) is usually your introductory communication with investors, so it will be your first impression.Investors will use this document to get an understanding of your communication skills as well as your ability to think critically about your business.There were several points that were not addressed in the other books I read.THE One Day Business Plan can be used to summarize your business proposition when time is of essence. It's a working document that helps you prepare for opportunities as well as difficulties. A business plan's value goes beyond its ability to help secure a loan package for you.It also provides an excellent first step to getting your thoughts organized -- a suitable road map for a more comprehensive plan.You can also use this mini-plan to pitch your business idea to potential investors or partners, especially those who don't have time to read a hefty 30 page proposal. Roberts, Packetcom Inc., 2000), resulting in millions of new users and billions of new web pages. You'll also discover areas with potential you may not have thought about before -- and ways to profit from them. Writing a plan forces you to think through every aspect of your venture. You'll find weak spots in your business idea that you'll be able to repair.


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