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Bull Brand has built it's name on rolling papers, from green to pink we have it all.

We make our papers to a high specification, for instance we use a natural Arabic gum to help stick the papers together.

There is a thin strip of adhesive paste on a long side to attach the ends while rolling the paper.

The formula could be changed for the papers to include rice paper.Abadie is still very much for sale in America and can be found at hundreds of specialty stores across the country (and in Canada as well).An Australian brand of rolling paper distributed by Imperial Tobacco Australia.Some smokers suspect that the glue of Top papers contains an additional addictive additive, such as sugar.Are you looking for best suitable rolling papers to buy in UK? We are the best producers of rolling paper and accessories in UK.The Abadie brand website has been removed due to French anti-tobacco legislation which prohibits the marketing of cigarettes or cigarette papers.However, Republic Tobacco still produces and markets Abadie Papers.Our range of papers has various different paper weights and burn rates, we've specially developed our range in this way to cater for the individual, everyone has different tastes and preferences.From a slow burning paper which will go out when not being smoked to an extra slim fine paper which is ideal for accommodating micro filter tips, we have it.The packaging of the product aims to appeal to Australian patriotism, with many assertions such as 'Australia's Finest' and 'Australia's No.1 paper for over 60 years'.It also offers pieces of trivia on the packaging which again appeal to Australian patriotism, such as 'Australia's dingo fence is twice the length of the Great Wall of China' and 'Australia has more beaches than any other country – about 7,000'. Previous to 2005 this was stated only on the inside of the packaging where it was normally not visible.


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