California Critical Thinking Skills Test Cctst

Results from the CCTST are also used for programmatic assessment.

In order to allow time for processing and packing test materials, registration should be completed at least 2 weeks prior to desired test administration date.

recognising the use of pervasive or misleading language), argumentation (e.g.

recognising the structure of arguments, how to examine the credibility of a source and how to judge one’s own arguments), judging likelihood and uncertainty (e.g.

I exemplified this through an observation made in recent years regarding extant measures of CT, many of which assess CT via multiple-choice questions.

In the case of CT MCQs, you can guess the "right" answer 20-25% of the time, without any need for CT.

Operationally defining something refers to defining the terms of the process or measure required to determine the nature and properties of a phenomenon.

Simply, it is defining the concept with respect to how it can be done, assessed or measured.

Finally, the CCTST consists of 34 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and measures CT according to the core skills of analysis, evaluation and inference, as well as inductive and deductive reasoning.

As addressed above, the MCQ-format of these three assessments is less than ideal – problematic even, because it allows test-takers to simply guess when they do not know the correct answer, instead of demonstrating their ability to critically analyse and evaluate problems and infer solutions to those problems (Ku, 2009).


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