Carrie Critical Essay

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Society is an aggregate whole of atomic underlings, each one an independent unit of force and desire, determined somehow by mechanical forces, pushing or making way for other forces as it bumps crazily along.

Each individual encounters obstacles which destroy him or meets with fortuitous currents which help him toward his goal.

, but the novelonly generated sales of 13,000 hardbacks.

The author received anadvance of $2,500 for his efforts—a reasonable amount for anuntested author, but hardly enough for King to quit his day job asa high school teacher.

In such a world each one must take advantage of what little opportunity he has, even though it means abandoning or injuring others.

In the bleak world of Dreiser's philosophy, morality is a myth for assuaging the weak.

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Materialism is simply mechanism as it appears in the human order.

The world of men, like the world of indifferent nature, is a savage place where only the strongest can survive.


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