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At the end of the book the narrator writes that she has now moved away from Mango Street and is writing so that she can achieve some separation from Mango Street though she is now going back for those who were not able to leave.Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: Linguistically The House on Mango Street is as much poem as story.The narrator is a close friend with two white girls from Texas.

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Genre: Realistic Fiction Descriptive Annotation: How I Survived Fifth Grade is written from the perspective of fifth grader, Elliot.

Elliot is the smallest boy in fifth grade- he has been getting made fun of his entire life.

Each chapter of The House on Mango Street is written as a standalone story.

Sometimes the chapters are totally isolated and sometimes the characters are recurring.

Many of the chapters are about people who are trapped on Mango Street due to the circumstances in their life.

The narrator tells the story of growing up on Mango Street- describing people she meets, growing up, being sexually assaulted, and eventually moving away from Mango Street.Eventually the wave grows stormy and angry and brings sea monsters into the house.The boy’s mother decides the wave must go back to the ocean. The boy and his father take the wave back to the ocean.Additionally, the language in this book is wonderful and vivid.I would love to use this in a literature class as an example of descriptive language, a creative narrative, or as stimulation for a readers’ response.The language in this book uses fairly simple words, but holds extremely complex ideas.Culturally, everyone described in this book is fairly poor.Interdisciplinary Connections: This book would pair well with a science unit abut the seasons.The wave in the book takes on different moods depending on the season.Genre: Realistic Fiction Descriptive Annotation: The House on Mango Street is told from the perspective of a young woman growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood in Chicago.Her family is poor and she has conflicted feelings about their home.


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