Chimpanzee Problem Solving

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Kohler showed the power of insight learning by placing a banana above the reach of chimpanzees and watching how they attempted to reach the food.

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Neither of the sticks could reach the banana alone and the only possible way to reach the banana was to join the two sticks.

Initially, Sultan showed all customary reactions that a chimpanzee shows inside a cage, and gradually tried to draw the banana towards him with the sticks.

To further elaborate on its definition, insight learning is the type of learning, in which one draws on previous experience and also seems to involve a new way of perceiving logical and cause-and-effect relationship.

Insight is an awareness of key relationships between cause and effect, which comes after assembling the relevant information and either overt or covert testing of possibilities.

Kohler found that the chimpanzees spent most of their time unproductively rather than slowly working towards a solution.

They would run around, jump, and be generally upset about their inability to snag the snack until, all of a sudden, they would pile the boxes on top of each other, climb up, and grab the bananas.Insight learning occurs when one suddenly realizes how to solve a problem.Sometimes when you are taking a test you happen upon a problem that you have no idea how to solve. Hopefully before you hand the test in, but most of the time the answer comes to you that night in the shower.Drawn from my personal experiences with these organizations, as well as external research, I explore the costs and benefits of ecotourism, research based funding, and other methods of conservation commonly employed by primatologists in order to determine their efficacy.The theory of Insight Learning was first proposed by German-American psychologist, one of the founders of Gestalt psychology, Wolfgang Köhler.This work by the German psychologist Wolfgang Kohler (1887-1967) at a primate research station on Tenerife, led to the book 'Mentality of the Apes' (1917).Insight Learning Wolfgang Kohler, besides having one of the coolest names around, is well known for his studies on insight learning using chimpanzees.Sultan grew hungry and a bunch of banana was placed just outside the cage.Sultan was provided with one long and another short bamboo stick.Kohler believed that the solution could not occur until the chimpanzees had a cognitive insight about how to solve the problem.This method, although sometimes can occur, is not the best way to pass the AP Psychology exam.


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