Cloning Essay Pros And Cons

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Even with all modern technologies and knowledge that scientists have access to, they are not able to predict behavior of viruses and other unexpected things that cloned species will have to face in the future.Policy and social changes that protect lesbian and gay families are a much more pressing need. Throughout history, parents who have lost children have grieved and sought consolation from family and community."Replacing" the deceased child by cloning degrades and dehumanizes the child, its replacement, and all of us. Rights are socially negotiated, and no "right" to clone oneself has ever been established.Most parents learn to communicate their expectations about their children in a moderate and ultimately positive way. Every medical technology carries with it a degree of risk.Cloning techniques will eventually be perfected in mammals and will then be suitable for human trials. Human society can accept or reject any proposed technology on its own merits. Reproductive cloning can provide genetically related children for people who cannot be helped by other fertility treatments (i.e., who do not produce eggs or sperm). Reproductive cloning would allow lesbians to have a child without having to use donor sperm, and gay men to have a child that does not have genes derived from an egg donor (though, of course, a surrogate would have to carry the pregnancy). Reproductive cloning could allow parents of a child who has died to seek redress for their loss. Cloning is a reproductive right, and should be allowed once it is judged to be no less safe than natural reproduction.Arguments offered for and against reproductive cloning are given below.A summary comment follows at the end of the arguments. Reproductive cloning would foster an understanding of children, and of people in general, as objects that can be designed and manufactured to possess specific characteristics. Reproductive cloning would diminish the sense of uniqueness of an individual. At least 95% of mammalian cloning experiments have resulted in failures in the form of miscarriages, stillbirths, and life-threatening anomalies; some experts believe no clones are fully healthy.What will that mean for normal, average humans that were not produced by cloning methods?Will that mean that normal humans will actually be considered lower level of society? And of course, the last, but nevertheless a very important argument, is the cost.If you cloned yourself, the resulting child would be neither your son or daughter nor your twin brother or sister, but a new category of human being: your clone.The great majority of people have an intuitive sense that human beings should not be cloned.


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