Communal Harmony And World Peace Essay

Communal Harmony And World Peace Essay-39
Universal values of tolerance can’t be expected in a diverse global society.But particularistic treatment to issues have the danger of ending up as justification for regressive social and traditional biases and practises.

The balance between the two has to incorporate a spirit of tolerance. One has to accept it in its various manifestations.

The freedom to profess, practise and propagate religion itself implies the right to trivialise its have the examples of Salman Rushdie being hounded for his supposed Blasphemous writings on Islam.

However, many responsible people have defended his right to say what he has without agreeing to his point of view.

Again, Noam Chomsky has been critical of almost everything American.

Though a situation may arise where lives of many people is at stake, like in terrorists’ hostage case and be dealt with use of force, but beside such exceptional situation, the quote is time tested instrument of action.

Gandhiji was merchant by caste, Barrister by profession, statesmen by action and philosopher by virtue.

More details here Can sentiments of a particular community be ever allowed to be hurt under the guise of freedom of speech and expression ?

How to maintain the delicate balance between the two? (200 Words)Freedom of speech and expression inherently implies freedom to criticise .

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