Communication In Health Care Setting Research Essay

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It is very vital to establish the service user’s needs in order to achieve a good therapeutic relationship. The hierarchy of needs: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, Esteem, self realization.

If the physiological needs (food, shelter, freedom from pain, survival) are met, move to the next stage safety needs (secure, protection, environment free from harm or hazard), next social needs (affectionate of others, friendship, family), also Esteem needs (Respect, self respect, dignity), and finally self realization need (freedom, self fulfillment), a service user may lack motivation if the basic needs are not met.

Social and community network which can be manipulated by the environment or individual behaviour.

Kim’s previous children are in care, though she is with a new partner (Adam) and they are both expecting, but because of her past behaviour as she is known to social services the unborn child is being consider for adoption. Her previous children were not looked after properly, they are always hungry and she drinks, very dirty as well.

There is a wealth of research data that supports the benefits of effective communication and health outcomes for patients and healthcare teams.

The connection that a patient feels with his or her clinician can ultimately improve their health mediated through participation in their care, adherence to treatment, and patient self-management. Another study found that less than half of hospitalized patients could identify their diagnoses or the names of their medication(s) at discharge, an indication of ineffective communication with their physicians. Factors associated with patient satisfaction with care among dermatological outpatients.

If viewed as a healthcare procedure, the patient interview is the most commonly used procedure that the clinician will employ.

Yet communication training for clinicians and other healthcare professionals historically has received far less attention throughout the training process than have other clinical tasks.

Healthcare communication is considered to be in the center as it is necessary to provide support.

Therefore, in different situations, it might be more efficient to use challenging means.


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