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Leave only significant ones that can be backed up with solid arguments and then sort everything out. You can use these papers as perfect examples to help you with your own paper.Weak arguments should come first, and should then be followed by stronger ones, leaving the most persuasive argument for the final part of your essay. Or you can ask us to write your custom argumentative essay or any other type of paper.

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Think of a good hook sentence and then state your thesis.

Main Body Here is where you state your points and elaborate on your arguments.

Let us take a closer look at how to write a comparison essay effortlessly.

Creating Your Structure Everyone knows about basic essay structure, but considering the specifics of a comparison paper, it may be hard to think of a way to organize your thoughts and ideas properly.

If you have chosen a topic, then you’re halfway through, but if you are struggling to choose a topic, we’ll share few ideas to inspire you: Don’t think too hard about it.

Just start with something simple, and then develop your ideas from there. - What are the main similarities and differences and how can I link them together? Once you have thoughtfully considered these questions, you are one step closer to piecing together your essay!) your body paragraphs will need to address both text A and text B.This will work exceptionally well if you have little to say about each subject because, basically, each paragraph will be describing how a certain point corresponds to both subjects.Following this pattern, your structure may look as follows: Subject-by-Subject Pattern This one will divide the main body of your paper into two blocks.To do this, it is highly recommended that you use either a point-by-point or subject-by-subject pattern.Point-by-Point Pattern As the name suggests, by using this pattern, you’ll be comparing each point one at a time.However, aside from merely comparing what is presented on the of a text, (symbols, characters, motifs, themes etc) it is also imperative that you delve a little deeper.Some questions you might want to ask yourself as you are planning a comparative essay are:- What message are the authors trying to convey?After your introduction, state all points about your first subject, and then the second part will be a list of points about the other subjects you are comparing.The approximate outline of your paper will look like this.


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