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Lack of food brings growth retardation due to the lack of important nutrients needed by body metabolisms.Whether prepared in hurry or slow, food should be nutritionally balanced so as to cater for bodily needs for proper growth.

They do not really look at how the food is presented to them.

They just want it to be fast so they can eat and get back to whatever they were doing. When there is ten to twenty orders coming in at one time things can get confusing.

Most of a fast food restaurants product is delivered frozen and just needs to be cooked and thrown together.

Where as a more of an upper class restaurant where they get most of their product delivered fresh.

Their food is usually loaded down with grease and fat.

Now at a “fancy” restaurant, everything is different.Costumers do not usually think about the amount of effort that goes into their food when they go out to eat.Food plays a vital to the growth of living things especially human beings.This changes the whole mentality of the way the kitchen works.When working in this kind of restaurant, they try to put more time into making every plate perfect and appealing to the costumer.Also depending on what type of restaurant it is (Italian, Greek, Chinese, etc.) they usually season their product to their own recipes.People go to fast food restaurants just for that; it is fast and cheap.When working with fast food the cook can get very stressed after reading through two hundred tickets in a hour, and a lot of times has to take a break from cooking to go clear his or hers mind.Even though both find dining and fast food restaurants have the same concept of preparing food to be sold to the public for a profit; there are many differences when you start to look at the way the food is prepared and presented.With the concept of ready cooked for sale has revolutionized the hotel hospitality globally.Though fast food chains made life easier for people who are in hurry, cultural cuisine restaurants are also still favored for people want to have their meals in relaxing moment.


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