Comparison And Contrast Essay Useful Phrases

Comparison And Contrast Essay Useful Phrases-18
“Although he is my friend but…” - Formality confusions such as using “But” at the beginning of sentences in formal reports and choosing the wrong one of pairs like “a bit bigger”/ “slightly bigger” and “much much bigger”/ “far bigger” - Confusing “comparing” and “compared” in sentences like “Compared to my experience,…” and “Comparing our two experiences,…” Things that students need to know include: - Although most contrasting phrases like “On the other hand” can be replaced with “However”, the reverse is usually not true, with “…,but…” being the only expression that can always replace “However,…” - The next most general expression is “…,whereas…”, but unlike “However” and “but” the subject must change, making “I like milk whereas I don’t like cheese” wrong.

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- “On the other hand” is only used when working towards a conclusion such as choosing between two options (demonstrable with the gesture of raising one hand then the other then weighing up the two things).

Presenting the language of comparing and contrasting Even students who have been using “On the contrary” in the wrong way for years and have never come across “much/ substantially/ a little more” before can usually quickly work out the rules with some good examples and guided discovery activities.

Here are some words to use when you're making comparisons: If you've used these up and needed more – or if none of them are right for the feel of your essay – then I suggest using a thesaurus or using a search engine.

What are Transition Words and how Do I use Transition Words for Essays?

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- Starting a sentence with “But” is usually informal or used for a particular rhetorical purpose.

For most of students’ writing purposes, “but” should only be used to join two ideas in one sentence, often after a comma.

Transition words and phrases help make your essay flow smoothly from paragraph to paragraph.

You can use them at the ends and beginnings of paragraphs, as well as in your introduction and conclusion.


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