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Case in point: a contract analysis essay shouldn’t be written in a florid language reserved for other types of papers.The same applies to contractions in essay writing, which should be studiously avoided.

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For the purposes of this course, and to avoid possible confusion, we shall use the word ‘representation’ in the latter sense, namely those pre-contractual statements intended to induce a contract but which do not form a part of the contract.

Hence, representations must be distinguished from statements that become part of the terms of a contract and will therefore give the innocent party a right to terminate and/or sue in the event of their breach.

If the breach the contract, they are liable to the minor for damages.

If however the minor when they attain the age of minority choose to ratify the contract, they are legally bound from the date of ratification.The possible remedies for breach of contract are; general damages, consequential damages, reliance damages, and specific performance.This paper will examine the capacity to contract as pertains to contracts entered by minors minor's.You might be acutely aware of the differences between assignment and delegation, as well as other business law niceties, and still need our law assignment writing help.After all, your time is too valuable a commodity to waste it.However, if silence distorts an existing representation, then it may constitute misrepresentation.It is an understatement that assignments on contractual relationships between individuals are baffling. For one thing, the subject matter is complex; for another, the format is tricky.Abstract A contract involves s a promise between two persons for the exchange of either good or services.A contract signifies the free consent of the parties to the contract to be bound by is stated before the contract is made) false statement of fact made by one party which induces the other party to enter into the contract.Rules as to misrepresentation 1) must be a false statement The general rule is that silence cannot constitute a misrepresentation where there is no obligation to divulge information.


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