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When you view a product page, you may see a button that says, “click here to get the best price” or “sign up today to get a free gift.” The call to action is asking you to perform a specific action.

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It should include details related to the specific facility where you’re applying for a job, and it provides a chance for you to explain why your skills match the needs of the employer.

Before you start writing, I suggest that you take the time to look at a few examples and explore some tips.

Include the contact’s title, such as “Human Resources Manager.”If you’re submitting a resume for a job that you find online or in a paper, you may want to reference the source.

For example, “RE: Registered Nurse Entry Position.”The salutation is a simple greeting.

Make sure that you include your certification or licensing status, such as “Jane Smith, RN.” On the second line, add your address, phone number, and email address.

The next section includes the date and the contact information of the hiring manager.While there is an increased need for skilled nurses, the nursing field is still highly competitive.When applying for nursing jobs, it helps to have a detailed resume and an effective cover letter. She is a freelance health content marketing writer and editor who specializes in health, psychology, nutrition, fitness and sleep content.Lisa has written for national magazines and websites, including Reader's Digest, Web MD, Family Circle, Self, Shape and Redbook.The body contains three parts: Hiring managers typically scan the cover letter to see if anything is out of place or missing, such as the hiring manager’s name.After a quick scan, they’ll read the opening paragraph, which is where you need to hook them.She also writes content for clients including Equinox, Ameda, Costco and Even though nurses are in demand you still have to bring your “A” game when you’re applying to nursing jobs.For example, perhaps you’ve trained nurses or helped establish a blood drive that allowed your hospital to achieve a new record. You don’t want to fill the cover letter with a lengthy highlight reel of your achievements.The body ends with a short sentence summarizing why you’re interested in the job.


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