Create Dangerously Essay On Realism And Artistic Creation

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The Transrealist novel grows organically, like life itself. And a book with no readers is not a fully effective work of art.

The author can only choose characters and setting, introduce this or that particular fantastic element, and aim for certain key scenes. A successful novel of any sort should drag the reader through it.

If no node is available for a given strand-loop, you go back and write a node in (cf. As long as you labor under the feeling that you are the only weirdo, then you feel weak and apologetic.

You’re eager to go along with the establishment, and a bit frightened to make waves—lest you be found out.

It is far more egotistical to use an idealized version of yourself, a fantasy-self, and have this para-self wreak its will on a pack of pliant slaves.

The Transrealist protagonist is not presented as some super-person.

A Transrealist protagonist is just as neurotic and ineffectual as we each know ourselves to be.

The Transrealist artist cannot predict the finished form of his or her work.

In real life, the people you meet almost never say what you want or expect them to.

From long and bruising contact, you carry simulations of your acquaintances around in your head.


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