Creative Writing Alphabet Letters

[tweet_box]Compilation of #free #calligraphy fonts by @bulat_alex[/tweet_box] These days calligraphy writing is really popular, especially among tattoo maniacs and auto tuning fans.So let's have a look how such lettering is created.In this video you will see how demonstrates single stroke lettering technique.

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When I was a child, I considered calligraphy as something ancient and boring.

However, growing up, I became really fond of this thing and even created some fonts for my own projects.

Create some dimension and drama using a basic chisel-tip-marker font with gray shadows along each letter.

This bold hand lettering technique is super simple yet always impressive. Write the alphabet using the broad chisel tip of a black permanent marker to create the uppercase bold alphabet. Use the pointed tip of the chisel to draw the lowercase alphabet. Using the brush end of a gray permanent marker, add the shadow along the left edge of each letter so the light seems to come from the right.

If you're interested in learning how to write like that, you can see his other demos on You Tube.

The end results of hand lettering are fun, beautiful, often mesmerizing, and leaving many of us thinking, “I could never do that.” But you can!These hand lettering techniques are somewhat easier than traditional calligraphy or type design because your personal handwriting will be used as the style foundation for each new alphabet and won’t require involve years of practice for immediate success.As we get started, keep in mind it’s OK to copy at first to get comfortable and confident with the creative lettering process.Earlier forms of calligraphic alphabet appeared in 3-rd millennium B. The predecessor of the Latin alphabet was an Etruscan alphabet.Initially used only when writing uppercase letters, lowercase emerged later, during the Carolingian period.The spread of Christianity gave rise to calligraphy in the West, due to the fact that it was necessary to copy Bible in a large circulation as well as other religious texts.The art of calligraphy reached its prosperity in VII-IX centuries in the Ireland and Scotland, where the monks created illuminated Gospels - masterpieces of medieval art. Some letters look quite mysterious and out-of-this-world.Be inspired by each sample alphabet and imitate the details.But don’t ever be afraid to put a little spin on the ideas to make the hand lettering reflect your own personal style and your creative voice.Identify characteristics of Matisse’s style such as the color palette, brushstrokes and line formation that could be used as letters. Let puddles of watercolor create colorful, light and airy letters. Lightly pencil the outline of a hollow alphabet if you need to.Using a paintbrush, write the letter of the alphabet with clean water, creating a water path.


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