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And if you don’t have any great ideas at the moment, where do you get some?

When it comes to generating new story ideas, you can take more than one approach.

Who knows how you might juice up your story idea without even trying?

The best fiction story ideas make use of timeless themes.

So, you want to write a short story — and not just a mildly entertaining short story but one your readers can’t put down until they’ve finished it. That’s why a great topic is worth its weight in gold when it comes to writing these little gems.

And since short stories are short, you have less time to wait for your readers’ reactions — but you also have less time to grab their attention.Take a look at the following creative story ideas, many of which combine two or more of the popular themes listed, and feel free to modify any of them to create your next unputdownable short story. Your character’s loved one has died, and he learns while going through that loved one’s belongings that the latter had a terrible secret that unnervingly correlates to your character’s deepest fear.The rest of the story explores your character’s reaction to this discovery and how it affects his/her relationships and decision-making.Whatever prompts you to write something in reaction or in response can lead to the beginning of a new story.The most effective writing prompts and writing exercises make use of themes with a history of captivating and inspiring others.You’ll find one or more of the ten themes that follow in most stories that have been written, read, and shared over the centuries.The story idea itself — in its simplest form — doesn’t have to be original, and in fact, it shouldn’t be.But the way you embody and develop that idea should surprise your readers and evoke an emotional response in them.Short story ideas will look different from novel ideas, though — mainly because short stories have to make a big impact with fewer words.And because of this, the most powerful short stories have what James Scott Bell describes as the “one shattering moment.” In his book, Bell describes that moment as “something that happens to a character, an emotional blast which they cannot ignore.It changes them, in a large or a subtle way — in a way that cannot be ignored.” Any one of the popular themes listed above could you give your main character a shattering moment that would change that character’s life or perspective.


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