Criminology Research Paper Topics

Criminology Research Paper Topics-30
Crirninal Justice System: in whose interest is it run? Correctional Officers: recruitment, training, lifestyle, job attitudes, role conflicts, officer/inmate relations 47. Crimes of the rich and of the poor: which are more serious? Gun ownership and control in America...haven't we always had it?

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The Media's role in reporting crime: fact or ideology? The Public's perception and fear of crime: any misconceptions here? Social Class and unemployment: relationship to crime 25.

Winos/bums/street people/homeless: the response of the CJ system 24.

Natural law explanations of criminality are perhaps the oldest of the five.

They are influenced by natural law theory, which suggests that some behaviors must be universally prohibited because by their nature they are so morally repugnant or detrimental to the normal functioning of society.

Race as a factor in the imposition of the Death Penalty 4. The "brutalization" of the public by use of the Death Penalty 6. Civil Liberties and Capitalism: any contradictions here?

Crime as essentially a product of the contradictions of Capitalism 9. Is Criminology "gender-blind": Women and Crime (by and against) 12. In contrast to natural law and moralistic definitions of crime, labeling or critical definitions suggest that no behavior is intrinsically criminal, nor is the will of the majority of society members necessarily relevant to the designation of a behavior as criminal.Rather, crimes are behaviors that are defined as such by those in positions of power.When these three elements converge—an act or behavior, a statement by a legislature that these behaviors are unacceptable, and the absence of a legally valid reason for committing the act— then regardless of social harm, moral judgments, or relative power, a person has committed a crime.One important caveat in any discussion of crime is that virtually everything people do in modern industrial and postindustrial societies is regulated by law, and most of it has nothing to do with the criminal law or crime.In support of these claims, labeling theorists point out that affluent and powerful people are far more likely than the poor and powerless to escape criminal prosecution.In addition, when the affluent are subjected to criminal prosecution, because of their social status (which they have in common with those in positions to make law) they tend to escape being labeled as “criminal,” a designation typically reserved for the poor and minorities. What other questions need to be asked which arent on this list? Criminology – is the study of crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system. Correctional Treatment: is there anything to measure? The purpose and effect of police professionalism 56. Negotiated Justice: plea bargaining in "exchange-oriented" America 54.


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