Critical Thinking Guide

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I’d submit something and not quite be able to predict what mark I would get.

Things I thought were great pieces of work got a B or a C and the stuff I rushed or cobbled together could get anything from a D to an A.

At this time I was at Oxford and reading education.

Of all the topics that should have let me into the secret of success this was it. well that was until I happened across a book and a professor that changed all that.

Seeing a window of opportunity for a discussion about the merits of the various airport facilities and maybe airports with a fellow worldly traveller I enquired tearing my eyes from a ‘traditional’ Moroccan rug twice the size of my house in Oxford “Oh? ”Subjective experience, such as I feel this when x happens or I feel y about this building or work of art is valid for matters of taste; however using that as your sole evidence for your opinion on a universal statement of fact doesn’t exactly invite much discussion or exploration.

Critical Thinking Guide

Indeed, beyond asking why again, there isn’t much one can do to evaluate whether the opinion is valid and is one you can ascribe to or try to refute with a better argument.

Therefore what we think is correct now, people in 50 or 100 years time will think is pretty rudimentary or even wrong” and In effect, what the students were describing is that all knowledge is an argument or a hypothesis or an opinion based on the best evidence at the moment.

And the best evidence at the moment is the evidence that is both valid and reliable in the context of the argument or opinion it is being used in.

I did okay with my strategy of writing as much stuff down as possible and then rehearsing it just before the exams.

When I got to my masters the same scenario started to play out.


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