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Francesca goes on to describe how it was that she and Paolo came to commit this sin of carnal lust, describing the account with language that evokes courtly love.

This style of language corresponds to the fin'amor that Dante the poet so often ...

The difference between death and dying can often seem minute. Yet the intrinsic difference between the process of dying and the moment of death is one of great literary obsession, in particular in...

“Love is the seed in you of every virtue and of all acts deserving punishment.” ——Purg.

When Dante and Virgil approach Francesca and Paolo it is Francesca who answers, while Paolo is only able to weep. Francesca's manner of expressing herself is also very similar to Dante's way of writing.

As Francesca explains to Dante the sin that led her and her lover to the confines of hell, she makes use of anaphora: "Love, quick to kindle in the gentle heart ... The story of Lancelot that Francesca and Paolo had been reading reminded them of themselves as it also spoke of a courtly love.

Canto IX of Dante's Inferno is remarkably representative of the work as a whole.

It includes a number of prominent themes, among them the role Virgil plays as the manifestation of human reason and the argument that faith can achieve what reason...

Condemned to the second tier of hell for the sin of self-abuse and suicide, the reader, like Dante, is torn between sympathizing...

A number of overlying themes have persisted throughout the three canticles of Dante's Commedia.


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