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During the colonial era of the United States, for example, the conceptualization of juvenile delinquency was heavily influenced by religion.

At this time, juvenile delinquency was viewed as not only a legal violation, but also a moral violation.

For many young people, juvenile delinquency is a fairly normal facet of growing up.

For a small group of youths, however, juvenile delinquency is simply the beginning stage of what will become a lifetime of antisocial behavior.

The Puritans believed they had no choice but to react to juvenile misbehavior in a severe and calculated manner.

However, not all colonies adopted the Stubborn Child Law.

These include driving while intoxicated, cruelty to animals, possession and use of a controlled substance, forgery, fraud, disorderly conduct, weapons violations, prostitution and commercialized vice, vagrancy and loitering, traffic violations, and others.

Juvenile delinquency is important in society for several reasons but for three in particular.

Delinquent offenses are violations of legal statutes that also apply to adults in the criminal justice system.

Delinquent offenses include acts of violence against persons, such as murder, rape, armed robbery, aggravated and simple assault, harassment, stalking, menacing, child abuse, and similar offenses.


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