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And like those breastfeeding readers enraptured by the illicit world of the Gothic and the 18th and 19th centuries, you’re invited along to witness my own daring Ph D adventure, because this is my Gothic dissertation. But I want to share an interview that I just did with her this morning.Like I said, this thing is hot off the presses so hot, in fact that the final episode has not yet been produced, because that’s the episode where Anna Williams defends her dissertation. And then I’m also going to share a chapter that she did on the novel Frankenstein, because I think it’s a really interesting reading that she does, and it’s a lot of fun to listen to.In this way, think of the prospectus as a sort of dissertation permission slip, a sheet of paper that once signed allows me to climb on board the bus and head into the field of academic literary criticism. It’s summer, I caught sight of him via social media on the Appalachian Trail. cris, if you’re listening, I hope you brought your recorder with you pick up some good sounds for us. But there was something I wanted to share with you because it’s hot off the audio presses.

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And so I needed to make some kind of critical intervention.

So what I ended up doing was highlighting some under recognized educational themes that run through the Gothic.

I’ve got to show my mastery of the rules of literary criticism, but at the same time critique them.

I’ve got to outsmart the Baroque villain of the grad school Gothic, the dissertation itself by doing it, while also simultaneously undoing it.

So there were three primary things that I wanted to accomplish in this dissertation.

And the first one was that it was my actual dissertation.

Williams uses famed novels by authors such as Anne Radcliffe and Mary Shelly as an entry point for a critique of graduate school itself—a Medieval institution of shadowy corners, arcane rituals, and a feudal power structure.

The result is a first-of-its-kind work that serves as a model for doing literary scholarship in sound.

So this idea of this sort of reflective peek behind the curtain.

And in fact, the podcast format itself, were those in the game plan from the beginning?


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