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Most importantly, the time period of the play was updated to the 1930s to include technological advances such as the invention of the airplane that would allow Dracula to travel from Transylvania to England in one night to avoid the sun.

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He is “continental” in appearance and displays impeccable manners and decorum when he is in human form.

He has the power to hypnotize people and command them to do his bidding.

This makes the play a strong choice for high school productions, community theatre and college theater programs. Seward's daughter and Jonathan Harker's fiancé, is close to death from a mysterious illness.

She needs constant blood transfusions and suffers from terrible dreams.

Although vampire legends existed before he wrote this book, Stoker created what has become the most well-known version of a vampire - a version that still persists through literature and film today. Balderston was first copyrighted in 1927, thirty years after the publication of Stoker’s novel.

By then, the world was familiar enough with Stoker's story and main character, but audiences could still be scared by and unfamiliar with the details of the notorious vampire's "life." A modern audience will enjoy this play out of nostalgia and a love its classic, campy, film noir feel, whereas the original audiences of the 1930s showed up for love of horror and a night of being frightened.At her throat are two red pinpricks, wounds that she tries to conceal with a scarf.A young woman named Mina who was recently housed at Dr.He has traveled the world and seen things most people only hear about in myths and legends. This corruption has led him to eat bugs and small animals believing that their life essence will prolong his own.He can shift from behaving calmly normal to ravingly strange in the space of a few words.it is Lucy Seward who is the victim of Dracula's nightly feedings and who comes close to becoming a vampire herself.And it is Mina who has previously suffered from and consequently died of blood loss due to Dracula's nightly visits. Jonathan Harker is Lucy's fiancé and instead of being young British solicitor held captive by Dracula in Transylvania, he is the future son in law of Dr.Seward's sanatorium, suffered from the same sickness and then died. Seward has called Jonathan Harker and Abraham Van Helsing to come and help his daughter.Van Helsing is an expert on strange illnesses and forgotten lore.Seward, and Harker cannot kill the creature of the night. Seward is visited by his new neighbor - an astute, worldly, and impressive figure from Transylvania - Count Dracula.The group slowly comes to realize that Count Dracula is the vampire stalking their beloved Lucy and others throughout London.


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