Drawing Assignment

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At the end of your description file, write a paragraph Naming the business/organization that you will be advertising this semester.

In addition to the business's name, write a short description of the what the business/organization does. Grades on this assignment will be determined as follows: Grades will be given based on how well you produce the drawings from the tutorials and the quality of effort demonstrated in the original drawing.

I felt that the mixture of styles helped to embody my mood and state of mind at each particular juncture in time.

Even if the final drawing doesn't "make sense" to anyone else, it speaks to me of my journey.

Watch this video: Perspective Video Find some object to draw in perspective: at least three (hint: squares and rectangles will help you understand perspective.

One drawing is one point perspective, the second drawing is 2 point perspective.

Text) a brief description of where in your original drawing you demonstrated the skills listed in "Required Skills" above.

Your description should be sufficient for the grader to see in your drawing that you used each skill.

Similarly, even though I did my sketchbook assignment in pencil, you could draw yours in markers, colored pencils, pens - whatever you fancy.

Here's another idea: cut out each square of the grid and make a collage, or paste them onto handmade paper: Another idea is to create a painting in this manner.


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