Edward Snowden Essay

These are people who spent their lives playing by the rules in a system controlled by a duopoly of power.With two parties controlling the system, there is little that happens in Washington that is not predictable and often controlled.There is no question that Snowden succeeded in forcing multiple task force investigations and a series of changes, including the claimed cessation of some aspects of these programmes.

National Intelligence Director James R Clapper Jr not only denied the existence of the programme before the Senate but he later explained that his testimony was "the least untrue" statement that he could make.

People clearly don't like it, even if they don't like Snowden.

They are left however with the same sense of frustration and isolation when it comes to their government.

The anger over Snowden clearly goes beyond the act itself however.

For many of Washington's elite, Snowden is as baffling as some alien from another planet.


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