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Such superstitious items being carried by such soldiers portray a case of mentally disturbed people, mainly deep in superstitions.In addition, “some carried items of emotional comfort such as a bible or a pair of girlfriend’s pantyhose” (O’Brien, 287).

These items are significant of people trying to escape from reality by seeking comfort and attention in the Bible, or the love that they once had in life.

By seeking emotional comfort from these items, the soldiers portray a case of emotional breakup in the war; they struggle to have consolation by shifting the attention from the battlefront.

The army report for the day on which Paul died simply read "All quiet on the western front." This shows that even though this man who the reader has come to know has died, in the whole war his death means nothing.

In conclusion, "All Quiet On The Western Front" effectively highlights many themes, such as horror of war, sacrifice and waste of life to show the ultimate futility of war.

They are not enemies but each fight the idea of the other, the German versus the Russian or the German versus the Frenchman.

By the last few chapters of the book all of Paul's comrades and old friends are being killed.Muller is killed and Paul inherits the boots that Muller had, in turn received from Kemmerich, and Katczinsky was hit by shrapnel and died of his wounds. His death is described in a brief paragraph where the tense and viewpoint change from the present tense and through Paul's eyes to past tense and in third person.This change of tense and viewpoint shows the impersonal way in which soldiers are seen when they die.He had been shot in the leg, which had to be amputated as a result.While under anaesthetic his watch was stolen and while visiting, Paul and his friends Kropp and Muller are told by medics that they do not expect Kemmerich to last much longer. Middle The men see this as an abuse of Kantorek's power of influence over them.Though the war stopped and a few of them survived the war, they were mentally destroyed by the effects of the war.In both the novels above, the soldiers suffer mentally and emotionally by the effects of the war, and though they joined the war voluntarily, the things that they carry emotionally and mentally are too much to bear and destroy them emotionally. Introduction All Quiet On The Western Front "All Quiet On The Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque, first published in 1929, is a novel about the experiences of a German soldier during World War One.In the novel, the author uses the themes of horror, sacrifice and waste of life to highlight the futility of war.The turning point in Paul's attitude towards Himmelstoss happens when Paul and Albert Kropp have been ordered to empty a latrine and spill it on Himmelstoss.After this Paul still follows his orders but will always try to twist the wording to infuriate Himmelstoss as much as possible.


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