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Even the production of salt was levied with heavy tax making the survival of small farmers and businessmen as well as common classes of India impossible.India under the leadership of Gandhi saw the revival of a Nationalist sentiment which was absent before.4) The Oppressive Policies of British Empire The policies applied by the British Empire played a vital role in the development of Nationalist fervor among Indian people.3) The Gandhian Policy Mahatma Gandhi was most influential leader in India’s struggle for freedom.His strict adherence to the policies of nonviolence and civil disobedience allowed every Indian to take part in the freedom struggle without violence.The following long essay caters to the need of anyone looking for an essay on Indian Nationalism giving an idea of the meaning of Nationalism and its significance.You can get here a deep insight into the Indian Nationalistic sentiment and the factors influencing it.We all are very well aware of the meaning of the term Nationalism and its significance.We very often witness the feeling of Nationalism on the occasions of National importance like on our National Festivals, birth anniversaries of our National Leaders or freedom fighters.With the introduction of English in our education system students from different parts of the society, having totally different culture and languages, were able to communicate with each other, sharing their views about Nation and British Empire, for the first time.English was the main language of communication in the meetings organized against British Rule, participated by people from all parts of India, completely different from each other.


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